To Pierce, To Puncture

19.10 - 26.10.17
Verge Gallery, University of Sydney, Australia

A solo exhibition of new and recent work by Anna Dunnill focusing on the transformation of the self in relation to the ritual. Incorporating practices of tattoo and embroidery, both of which involve a repeated act of puncturing the skin and surface, Anna will enact new rituals for a queer spiritual becoming.

Exploring notions of identity; in particular the rituals that mark, aid or celebrate our individual passage from one culturally defined state or status to another: To pierce, to puncture is a highly personal, intimate exploration of oneself and an attempt to reconcile those conflicting parts of ourselves.

The exhibition was accompanied by a panel discussion, Queering the Spiritual which spoke to the marginalisation of queer bodies within religious structures, and the creation of new rituals for queer spiritual becoming. Moderated by Rachel Ciesla. Speakers included Kate Britton, Anna Dunnill and Jake Treacy.